Framed, Not Forgotten: Get Your Photos Out of Your Electronic Device and Into Your Home

The easy access to electronic devices has made it easier than ever to snap great photos of your kids, pets, and the latest scene from your family vacation. You probably share the photos on social media or send them to family members in a text message, but eventually, they get lost in the shuffle of social media posts and the barrage of text messages. Printing and framing your favorite photos is a great way to preserve your memories and decorate your home with the people and places you love most.

Have your pictures custom framed

No matter how lovely your picture is, placing it in a poorly constructed frame can take away from the quality of the photo, especially when you are using the photo in interior decorating. You wouldn't purchase an expensive piece of art and place it in a cheap frame, so you should treat your photos with the same respect.

There are other benefits to having pictures custom framed. Your framing specialist can help you choose a frame that will complement your home design. Whether you decorate farmhouse style or love the modern look, a custom picture frame can be made to enhance the appearance of your home.

Don't be a square

Always use a variety of frame shapes when having your photos framed. Choose from oval, round, rectangular, and square frames to provide a good contrast in a room. Having only one shape is not appealing to the eye, especially in a large wall grouping.

The same goes for frame colors and materials. Select a variety of styles and colors that will match your home's decor. Mix and match wooden frames with metal and glass frames to provide a nice contrast.

Do something different

Think beyond just hanging a photo on the wall or sitting it on a table. Small photos look nice displayed in lanterns with small votive candles. If you love the vintage look, consider placing a framed photo inside an antique birdcage or cloche.

Unframed pictures can be rolled into a scroll and put inside a narrow-neck bottle. Once the photo is inside it will unroll to fit the shape of the bottle. A bottle picture collage displayed on a mantle or shelf is sure to be an attention grabber.

Use a group of photos to create your own motivational wall. Use photos of your favorite places, trips, and your loved ones to inspire you to be the best you can be. Place word art next to your wall collage for even more inspiration. Motivational walls are great additions to the home office.

You will never lack for ways to add beauty and inspiration to your home when you start with the photos on your electronic devices. Whether it's a great shot of an autumn landscape or a child's smile, decorating your living space with the pictures you love most is the best way to enjoy them every day and be certain they will never be forgotten.