Four Advantages Of Small Format Tiles Over Large Format Tiles For Your Bathroom Remodel

When remodeling your bathroom, one of the first decisions you will usually make is whether to use small tiles or large tiles. In general, small tiles are usually a matter of one to two inches in size, while large format tiles can exceed two feet. While large format tiles may initially seem easier, small tiles are preferable in many ways.

1. Small Tiles Fit Small Spaces

Large format tiles usually need to be cut into rather intricate shapes to fit around bathroom fixtures and within the bathroom itself. Cutting a large format tile can be difficult and will require special equipment. If you're trying to complete your bathroom remodel on your own, this can be a challenge. Small tiles can fit into a variety of spaces without being cut at all, making them easier to install.

2. Small Tiles Are Lighter

If you're going to be tiling the walls, a small tile is much easier to fit. Otherwise, you will need braces to keep the large format tiles from succumbing to gravity. Small tiles will usually remain on the wall without bracing as long as you work slowly and carefully. And, of course, lighter tiles are also much easier for you to transport if you have to get your tiling supplies on your own.

3. Small Tiles Offer Design Options

If you want to create a special pattern on your wall, small tiles are often your best bet. With small tiles of the same size, you can create very intricate designs. With large format tiles, you usually don't have this option. You can get very creative with small tiles and even change texture or material between them.

4. Small Tiles Are Cheaper

Small tiles are both cheaper to install and cheaper to purchase, as large format tiles generally have to be of a more durable quality. Large format tiles also require special installation, because the surface beneath them must be remarkably smooth (otherwise the tile can buckle and crack over time). Small tiles are easier and cheaper to install because they are more forgiving; they can be installed on a slightly uneven flooring.

Of course, there are some advantages to large format tiles too -- they tend to give a luxurious appearance and they can make a smaller bathroom look larger. You may want to get some samples and lay them out in your bathroom before you make a final decision. Contact a company like Grover's Interiors Inc for more information.