Wood, Tiles, Carpet, Oh My!

It is a big decision to make when choosing between wood, tile, or carpet to put on your floors, whether you are building a home or you want to replace a floor. This article will give suggestions about when to use which and provide pros and cons to using wood or tile or carpet.

Wood Flooring is Best For...

Wood flooring has a wide variety of color and durability depending on the type of wood. For a darker, majestic looking floor, you could use cherry wood to give your floor a slightly reddish tint. Or you may choose to use oak for a sturdy floor. Choosing to add a wood floor increases the value of your home, and it is also easy to maintain since wood can be vacuumed and stains do not affect it.

However, be cautious if you have a pet with claws since the claws on the animals may scratch the wood. There are tools to try and hide these marks, but they may not completely cover up the claw marks. Wood may be best used in kitchens where lots of food has the potential to fall off the table, and wood may also be a great addition to house foyers because this will reduce the amount of outdoor debris tracked into your home.

Tile Flooring is Best For...

Tile flooring is good for those who want to mix and match patterns to give the room more style. There are a wide variety of tiles to choose from, including ceramic, vinyl, and porcelain. Tile also has the same property of wood in the respect that something getting dropped on the floor will not stain the tile. However, you may want to be careful with tile, as certain types of tile may be prone to breaking at the corners, causing a hazard.

Tile is best in the bathroom because water from a shower does not soak into the tile. Tile may also be best outside in a walkway to a garden since there are several things you can do with tile outdoors because tile is also resistant to harsh weather.

Carpet Flooring is Best For...

Most houses have carpet in the majority of their house, and for good reason. Carpet is soft against bare feet, and like tile, there is a wide variety for options with texture and color. Carpet tends to be cheaper than the other options. Carpet can be troublesome as far as staining is concerned, but there are home products available to get rid of stains in carpet. Carpet can also wear down after a while, but carpet is more easily replaced.

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