4 Granite Counter Misconceptions You Should Know About

Although granite countertops are well known for their beauty, there are several misconceptions that abound. If you've imagined putting granite counters in your kitchen, but you hesitate due to things you've heard, it's time to clear things up. Here's a look at some of the most common falsehoods shared about granite counters and the facts that you should know.

The Polish Wears Off

While many people think that the shiny, glass-like finish of granite counters is created by applying a liquid polish or something similar, that isn't the case. The finish is created through the finishing process and is the result of mechanical polishing on the surface of the stone. There's no coating to wear off, and the surface is naturally resistant to scratches.

Granite is Susceptible to Staining

Granite doesn't stain as easily as you might think. The stone is naturally impervious to most liquids, which means it doesn't absorb liquids that can leave stains behind. It is a popular choice for exterior applications because it is resistant to water. Most granite is already polished and sealed, so there's little risk of any staining at all.

Granite is Vulnerable to Heat Damage

Although most countertop materials need to be protected from heat, granite has what it takes to stand up to it. The biggest concern you have with heat and your granite counters is with glass cookware. Moving a glass pan from the oven or the stove top directly onto your granite counters may cause it to shatter because of thermal shock. The granite is cool enough naturally that the temperature change can be damaging.

Granite Harbors Bacteria

In order for granite to harbor any bacteria, it would have to be porous. The polished surface of granite keeps anything from absorbing into the stone, including bacteria. Since the bacteria cannot get beneath the surface, it cannot grow and hide in the pores of the stone. Practicing normal kitchen cleaning and disinfecting your countertops regularly will keep bacteria at bay even with granite counters.

As you can see, there are many misconceptions out there about granite counters. Before you dismiss these elegant counters as an option for your kitchen, talk with a local kitchen materials supplier like Plastic Line Mfg Inc who can help you explore your options. Knowing the truth behind these falsehoods can help you to be better prepared for installing and caring for granite counters in your kitchen.