Interior Design Tips For Your Bedroom

Those beautiful bedroom photos you see all the time online and in magazines with all of the throw pillows, the textured blankets, and all-around gorgeousness isn't out of your reach for your own home. Yes, you can have that beautiful bedroom, too. You simply need a few different textures, throw pillows of different sizes, and a few extra elements. See below for tips on how to design your bedroom like a pro.

Paint Colors

You want your bedroom to feel warm and cozy. Keep paint colors neutral to keep the feel of the room comfortable and relaxing, rather than bright or vibrant. Think about using grey, beige, or white. These colors can have different undertones such as blue, green, yellow, or even pink hues if you want a little bit of color while still being neutral.


To give your bedroom a romantic feel, look for a beautiful chandelier rather than a ceiling fan or bubble light. A chandelier with crystal beading can help add more light to the room, as the light will bounce off of the crystals. It's also softer lighting, giving it a romantic feel.


Make use of the space in your bedroom—not by filling it with furniture, but by working with what you have. Don't have room for two huge dressers,  two night stands, a bench, armchair, and a large king-sized bed? Who does? Rather than add all of this furniture, keep it simple. Scale down to a queen-sized bed, a bench (or an armchair), two small nightstands (or nightstands that can also function as a dresser). If you need a dresser, try to fit it into a closet to help save some space in the room itself. Also think about adding under-the-bed drawers or storage totes. 

Bed Decor

Give your bed that fluffy, gorgeous feel with these tips:

  • Pull your sheets down over a plain white duvet cover.
  • Add the pillow shams to the top of the bed, followed by standard pillows, then add throw pillows next in various textures.
  • Place a coverlet blanket at the foot of the bed, folded back neatly so it covers only about a quarter of the bed.
  • Finally, add a throw blanket to the foot of the bed (on top of the coverlet), so you can see the coverlet peeking out. 

Your bed will look like it popped out of a magazine.

Other Tips:

  • Add height to your room and create a dramatic feel by raising your curtain rod closer to the ceiling and using floor-length curtains. 
  • Use a large, square throw rug beneath your bed to pull your room together, while also adding more texture.
  • Give some added dimension by adding a floor-length mirror in a corner of the room. It helps to give the illusion of a larger room.

Give your bedroom a professionally staged look by adding a few elements, keeping it simple and making use of space. If you need help with designing your bedroom, contact an interior design service for assistance.